Green City Ferries

Urbanization is a global phenomenon and increased commuting is a consequence as long as people want to get into city centers. Building new or widening existing roads will not solve the problem. To leave the car for public transport might not get you faster to your goal, because the buses use the same roads. Now, as many cities are located at waterways, there might be an opportunity to use them for fast commuting.

Using the inland waterways is a partial solution to traffic congestion. But it must be green. If green city ferries shall increase their market share in the urban commuting market they have to be competitive. The electric high-speed ferries outperform their diesel-driven colleagues by having no emission and only a fraction of the energy costs.

Green City Ferries was started by a team of people with a shared passion for electric waterborne transport and all its wonderful qualities: silence, zero-emissions, clean air: a calm and invigorating travel experience. Together they decided to take steps to change the world.

Green City Ferries provides emission-free high-speed ferries.

Green City Ferries have three different ferries:

The new BB GREEN 24:

The highspeed emission-free commuter

Commuting in cities calls for fast and frequent transport.  The vessels use 40% less effective than a carbon fiber catamaran.


The world’s first high-speed electrical ferry

AiriEl is the name of the prototype which is being used as a demo vessel. AiriEl has been used primarily for test and trials and many potential customers have gone for a ride and experienced its soft yet train-like ride comfort. They have also given their feedback about the vessel that will be considered when BB Green comes into production.


The world´s first supercharged ferry

In 2013, the Swedish system integrator Echandia Marine was granted € 1 M from the Swedish Power Agency. The challenge was to start passenger traffic with an electric ferry. A charging station was built and established in the Old Town of Stockholm. In September 2014 E/S Movitz was launched as the world’s first supercharged ferry – operate for an hour and recharge in 10 minutes. 

If you are interested in this amazing project, don´t hesitate to contact us and we´ll help you to organize everything. Stockholm is basically a city on water and it is the best to explore the city from there, but why don´t do it in an environmental-friendly and emission-free way?

For questions and booking please contact us