Welcome to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the largest non-capital in the Nordics and located on the beautiful west coast of Sweden. Or as the west coasts people say, the best coast

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Explore our beautiful coastal city, famous for Volvo, magical islands and some of the best seafood in the world. Gothenburg is encircled by the rocky shoreline, deep forests, tranquil lakes, and the surging sea to the west. No other Swedish city gives such easy access to nature. Right on the doorstep are wide open spaces and magical islands. Four centuries ago, when the decision was taken to build a harbor city on the west coast, the ambition was to open up Sweden to the outside world. Building a city on Swedish marshland, wedged between Norway and Denmark, was no easy undertaking, but with the help of the Dutch, English, Scots, and Germans the vision was realized.

Today, Gothenburg is a flourishing green city with a vibrant cultural scene, world-class restaurants, and fascinating history. At the same time, adventure is never far away. There is always an island waiting to be explored or a mountain to be conquered from the saddle of your bike. With its light summer evenings, colorful autumn days and snow-blanketed winter mornings, Gothenburg is where you can experience the real Sweden.

5 things that make Gothenburg stand out


We are happy to welcome you to an open and tolerant city with focus on everyone’s equal rights. Gothenburg is the first city in Sweden to have a LGBTQ-council and West Pride was celebrating ten years 2017.

British LGBT Awards 2018 nominated Gothenburg in the category best LBGT+ Destination, saying: “Its laid back, yet urban-vibe, amazing gastronomy and close proximity to the stunning West Swedish countryside makes it a fabulous all year-round escape for curious gay and lesbian travelers looking for a slice of stereo-typically open-minded, chic, Swedish hospitality.” 


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