Kayaking in Stockholm

Stockholm is lovingly known as “The Venice of the North” due to its being situated over 14 islands and linked by 57 bridges! There is water everywhere, so why not jump into the kayaks and discover this beautiful city from the water? Leave the city behind you while you explore the archipelago and the Baltic Sea by kayak. Paddle into a far stretched world that exists of 30.000 islands. During this adventure, you will experience beautiful scenery firsthand in one of Europe’s most unique environments, and will have a blast trying a new activity with friends as well!

Rent a kayak or canoe and paddle your way from island to island. See the Town Hall, Gamla Stan (Old Town) and many other attractions – because, in Stockholm, there is water everywhere!

Here are our favorite spots where you can rent a kayak enjoy the beautiful waters of Stockholm:

  • Långholmen
  • Vaxholm
  • Ulvsundasjön Lake and Karlbergskanal Canal
  • waters around Södermalm
  • Stockholm Archipelago
  • Lake Mälaren
  • Brunnsviken
  • Reimersholme