Meet Greg and Wes @agayadventure

The lovely couple Greg and Wes (@agayadventure) decided to book a long weekend in Stockholm and contacted us. They met at University 10 years ago, they have been together for 8 years and engaged for 3. They are keen travelers and between them, they have visited over 60 countries! They are proud LGBT+ ambassadors and we couldn’t be happier to host them! We just had to do an interview so you can get to know them more and get inspired by this lovely couple! Here we go…

Why did you guys start to travel? 

We both had a love of traveling before we met, and our dream was always to quit our jobs and run away for a couple of years! We came to a point in our lives where we were actually able to do just that, so we took the jump and spend a few years traveling and working around the world! It’s the best decision we ever made.

What kind of traveler are you?

We are definitely light travelers, having been to all four corners of the world with just a backpack each for over 2 years! We relish new experiences, whether that be camping in the African jungle to hiking in Alaska! We are happy to slum it in a hostel or tent if it means we can get more out of other areas of the holiday. We are pretty active and sometimes have to force ourselves to sit on a beach for the day!

What is important to you while traveling?

Good food, nature, culture and meeting new people! Also, if there is a gay area anywhere we will hunt it down!

Have you traveled (solo) before you met each other? 

We’ve both been lucky to travel through work which has taken us all over the world. Whoever stayed at home was always very jealous though!

When did you start AGayAdventure and how have you develop over time?

We started 2 years ago as a way of documenting our travels for family and friends. Annoyingly we only really thought to do it in the last 6 months of traveling! We now live back in London so are traveling less and working more! So it’s grown more into a representation of our lives, whether that’s traveling or just living our day to day lives!

Who inspires you in the LGBT+ community and why?

The LGBTQ+ people we have met around the world are the most inspiring. People have been so generous with their time, showing us around a new place or even letting us crash on their sofas! We really feel like part of a worldwide community of wonderful people, connected in our own special way!

The Royal Palace Tour Stockholm – Foto: StandOut Travel
What were your Top 3 best moments of your Stockholm trip?

1. The old town was stunning and our tour with StandOutTravel was super interesting! 2. The food was amazing and couldn’t get enough of it! 3. The gay bars were great fun! Erik from StandOutTravel took us out and we danced the night away!

You stayed at our hotel partner and in the awesome Pride suite, how was it?

It was amazing! Everyone was lovely and the room was a rainbow bonanza! We had our own private jacuzzi and sauna which we made good use of! It’s not the same not having a sauna every morning at home…

Where would you like to go if you come back to Sweden? (which we hope you do very soon)

We would love to visit Gothenburg which we hear is stunning. We also want to spend a few weeks hiking around the islands in the archipelago. We visiting briefly and it was gorgeous.

How would you describe Swedish people, the culture in Stockholm?

Everyone was friendly and helpful, and the men were very handsome! So many tall, blonde people made Greg feel right at home! Fika should be mandatory in every country every day…

Your Top 3 best tips before going on gaycation to Sweden?

1. Contact StandOutTravel and arrange a tour on your first day. It helps you understand the layout of the islands which can be pretty confusing!! 2. Be prepared to walk! We walked everywhere because we didn’t want to miss any of the stunning city! That being said, make sure you wear comfortable shoes! 3. Practice your ABBA lyrics. You don’t want to look stupid…!

We wish Greg and Wes all luck for future adventures and hope to see them back in Sweden soon!