Say hello to our internship students

We are very glad to announce that this summer, we have two internship students in StandOut Travel which gonna help and support us one month. We are very happy about it and today we’d like to introduce to you these two students from BHAK Korneuburg.


Hallå, my name’s Sandra and I’m a student from Austria. I visit an economic higher educational school near Vienna and I’m in the third year of five now. In my free time, I mostly do sports like going to the gym, doing CrossFit, jogging, playing tennis or riding the bike or I do something for my blog. You can find it here. I write about anything that has to do with my life, like fashion, lifestyle, traveling, healthy lifestyle and food. I love to travel around the world and as Stockholm was one of my main travel destinations, I’m very happy to be here. I love all Scandinavian cities and I heard only good things about Stockholm, so I had to come here and experience it on my own.

I had no idea what I have to expect from Sweden and Stockholm at all. I just knew that most people here do the Fika which is a kind of a coffee break and time for something sweet as well and I also knew the Kanebullar which is a typical Swedish pastry with lots of cinnamon. I really need to try that! The Swedish are really kind and everyone is so nice and welcoming, I really adore that! I already fell in love with the city within a few seconds and I can’t wait to explore all the beautiful attractions and places here in the city!

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Hej, my name is Selina! I am from Austria but currently living and working in Sweden. In Austria, I attend a business college, where I am a student in the international class. Travelling and reading are the things, I love doing most in my spare time.

I didn’t have any expectations at all about Sweden, but I honestly already love this country. All those kind of people, small shops or pretty places, everything I have seen until now is just fascinating and truly beautiful! Before I came to Sweden, the only thing I knew was “IKEA”. But during my first days in Sweden, I have seen so many new exciting things and already have taken so many photos. Sweden is just an amazing place to stay and I am totally going to come back after my internship!

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