Stockholm´s Subway Art

Stockholm’s subway system is truly unique. One hundred stations, each with art on its platform, walls or waiting hall. The Stockholm subway system is also known as the “world´s longest art gallery” – 110 kilometers long. Traveling by subway is like traveling through an exciting story that extends from the artistic pioneers of the 1950s to the art experiments of today. Since 1957 artists have been a part of the process while building the subway. And over time the metro’s older stations – planned and built without any art – have been spruced up with beautiful statues, murals, and installations.

Today, we want to share the most-photographic and hidden metro station which you can find under the city of Stockholm:

  • At T-Centralen you´ll find blue vines climbing up a white cave
  • Bright green and red landscape at Solna Centrum on the blue line
  • Kungsträdgården on the green line located in the middle of downtown Stockholm
  • A rainbow arcs over a girl on the platform of Stadion station, every year it serves as the main festival area for the Stockholm Pride festival
  • Skarpnäck station, the granite seats there are reminiscent of Stonehenge
  • Akalla station on the blue line is all about yellow
  • Tekniska Högskolan
  • Stripes on the platform of Duvbo station
  • Rådhuset station on the blue line
  • find pixelated artwork by Lars Arrhenius at the station of Thorildsplan on the green line
  • “Life Line” at the Odenplan station is one of Citybanans most eye-catching pieces
  • Tensta is decorated t with a colorful display of animal sculptures and stylized leaves
  • The walls at the station of Mörby Centrum change color depending on where you stand on the platform

We recommend booking our guided tour with our English-speaking guide Marie through Stockholm´s subway to see everything in just a few hours. You will discover all the stations in the pictures worth seeing. During a tour in the Metro, you will be able to visit several stations and see examples of a different kind of art and architecture. Book your tour now here!