We make your wedding unforgettable

StandOut specializes in organizing weddings in Sweden, offering planning services all year round. We can help organize your wedding at any stage and at any moment. The services we provide include preparation, consultation, helping with paperwork, arranging the ceremony, planning the honeymoon, and anything else you need to make your wedding truly unforgettable. And yes, we help with all marriages, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity!

If one of you are a citizen in Sweden you can apply for a “Certificate of No Impediment” at the Swedish Tax Office, known as “Hindersprövning”. You will then receive two documents from the Tax Office, which must be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the ceremony.

For questions about the documents, contact the Tax Office here.

Your wedding ceremony and vows reflect the uniqueness of your relationship and capture the celebration of your love, which has brought you to this memorable moment in your lives.

Whether you want a traditional or a contemporary ceremony, we can make your day a truly wonderful experience. Your wedding will be unique, personalized and to your complete satisfaction. 

One of our priest in Gothenburg is Lars who’s been an LGBT activist for many years and have done many same-sex ceremonies.