West Pride Gothenburg 2019

The vision of the festival is an equal and inclusive world free from prejudice and discrimination. West Pride is an art and culture festival that creates secure meeting places for LGBTQ people and highlights norm criticism and LGBTQ people’s life situation. The festival is free for visitors.

The festival is primarily aimed at LGBTQ people in Gothenburg and the Västra Götaland region, but also to a broader public nationally and internationally.

The purpose is to highlight a variety of expressions by coordinating and arranging art and culture. You´ll find meeting places and arenas for knowledge deepening, conversations, reflection, change of attitude and social impact. The purpose is to encourage an open social climate that prevents prejudice and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression.

Pride Park

Pride Park is located at Bältespännarparken at the very heart of Gothenburg. It is a place where you can hang out, meet new people and take part in new experiences. From the stage, you can enjoy a solid program of performances every day during the festival. In Pride Park, you will find 30 exhibitors and a restaurant area that is hosted by Moxy.

Pride House

Pride House is located at:

Stadsbiblioteket (Hörsalen och Trappscenen): Götaplatsen 3

Högskolan för Scen och Musik/Artisten (Klassrum och Rörelsesal): Fågelsången 1

Stadsteatern (Lilla teatersalen): Götaplatsen 4

Konstmuseet (Hörsal): Götaplatsen 6

Riksarkivet/Landsarkivet (Hörsalen): Arkivgatan 9

Världskulturmuseet (seminariesalar, trappscen, hörsal): Södra Vägen 54

Bio Göta (Salong 1): Götaplatsen 9

200 seminars, debates, talks and exhibitions will take place during Pride in Gothenburg.

Pride Parade

The Pride Parade takes place on Saturday, June 15th. By joining the parade, we can manifest human rights and join forces for a more inclusive society, free from prejudices and discrimination, not only in Sweden but in the rest of the world too. This year’s parade will be something extraordinary. Thousands of people will march from Götaplatsen down Kungsportsavenyn to Pride Park where we will all join in a queer singalong.

The Parade starts at Götaplatsen at 15.30.

Festival Program

Collection at Götaplatsen:

14:00 – Check-in vehicle

14:45 – Check-in registered parcels (applies only to the person responsible, the rest of the group can join later)

15:30 – Collection for private persons

16:00 – The parade starts

18:00 – Queer singing begins

The parade registration opens April 12, 2019
The parade report closes May 24, 2019

You can find the program for all days and all locations here: https://westpride.se/festivalen/program